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Here's some good news: you may not know it, but when it comes to your money, that bad date can teach you an awful lot about successful investing. And looking back over those rare few times, my moderate success on the dating circuit did teach me quite a few things about prudent investing. 1) Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover The guy was more than a half-hour late, his outdated shirt barely matched his Taco Bell-stained pants, the rain gave him a lethal dose of bed-head and back then the busboy was making more than he was.

Kingofdating com

While at first the girl thought it was going to be a dinner date from fiery hell, little did she realize that guy was I, and I'd soon wind up being the one she'd marry.

If that wasn't bad enough, his humor was a bit stale and the car he drove had a weird putter that attracted nothing but aliens from the evil Planet X.

Since the inception of smartphones, the dating scene has only been improved through technology.

Now you have the power to score dates, one night stands, orgies and much more in your palms.

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A little into his pitch, you were most pleasantly surprised when he touted low cost, tax efficient investments that perfectly matched your goals.

It was then you realized there's a reason the furniture in his place is a bit out-dated, mainly, because the guy isn't touting the high-fee investments. Whether it's a date or your money, taking a step back to peek behind the curtain will typically put both your money and heart in a much better place.

Hinge, a free dating app that utilizes Facebook data to "curate" a daily list of potential matches using information like friends in common, shared interests, previous dating habits and even religion, announced Tuesday that it had closed a .5 million Series B funding round. Thiel's Founders Fund was joined by previous investors Middleland Capital and Great Oaks Venture Capital. Rad in which he refers to IAC chairman Barry Diller in unflattering terms and proceeded to text an equally unfriendly drawing he made of Mr. Hinge, which operates a on a "swiping" interface similar to one made popular by Tinder, has paid careful attention to distance itself from its much larger competition, by making every attempt to posit itself as a cleaner version of Tinder.

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