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Where is the honorable legal analyst that will presume Nicole Richie, Collin Finnerty, Neil Entwistle, Jason Young, William Jefferson, Paris Hilton, Jeff Skilling, Wesley Snipes, Joran Van Der Sloot all innocent until proven guilty? She picks and chooses her media defendants and declares the ones she doesn't like guilty before trial while declaring thosefound not guilty to be guilty, like OJ, while declaring those found to be guilty, innocent like Mark Fuhrman.

And once a jury verdict returns 'not guilty', continue that presumption of innocence instead of whine that 'not guilty' does not mean the defendant was judged to be innocent? Let's just forget the justice system, Greta is in charge. I want to see a legal analyst in primetime with some integrity that asserts a principle like presumption of innocence and stick to it loyally, rather than pick and choose like Greta does. She is a sloppy, egotistical, lazy, suck-up, PC excuse for a journalist.

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Isshe so busy being worried about Nicole Richie, who is presumed innocent by the way, that she cannot get her prioritiesstraight in how to delegate minutes to matters of graveimportance like the Duke case and making sure she can cover the story in a manner that appears to deliver a credibleand forceful account of how the lives of Collin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann and David Evans are being destroyed? That girl has a medical problem and weare lucky to still have her with us and the last thing she needs is to be convicted in the media without a trial, denied her ownconstitutional rights by being presumed guilty so we can kill adog that is already down on the ground suffering, about to drop dead from starvation. And to make matters worse, we wake up to a Gretawiretoday that is going 'dark'. She has been getting by with sloppy efforts and minimal essential performance for months. That sounds like a nice contract number and I bet her employment contract is up for renewal this month. Someone that will do some basic fact-checking at the least. It completes my life, it doesand Paris and Nicole should get credit for work that improves the quality of somebody else's existence in this world. There is nothing to substantiate that story but conjecture from a 911 call.

No, she would ratherbe judge, jury and executioner of trying Nicole Richie in the mediaby outright slandering her for taking vicodin which Greta stated sheobtained illegally without prescription without even first botheringto check facts with Nicole's physician beforehand! What the media owes Nicole, what Greta should have had maturity to give her is presumption of innocence and compassion and hope as a fellow human being instead of that trashing that took precious time away from Collin and Reade from having their injustices receive a halfway decent, credible account in the news. Is Greta's job that she always brags about being so easy taking a toll? Someone that will extend presumptionof innocence to all defendants' cases that land on his or her media desk with strict, unabiding integrity, and not just toward Tom Delay.

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Nazwę główną bardzo często tworzy nazwa firmy/organizacji/akcji jej skrót, bądź nazwa działalności, którą dana firma wykonuje.

Rozszerzenie jest odgórnie ustalone – można wybrać spośród możliwych propozycji. Polska – , Rosja – , Niemcy – , dla krajów Unii Europejskiej – . Do tego pojawiają się rozszerzenia powstałe dla odróżnienia celu strony – lista domen najwyższego poziomu.

She lies to the viewers and spins news and tries to hurt suffering young adults trying to get by in a world that could very well be blown to nuclear shreds any day now.

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Southwest One is a 17-acre mixed-use residential and commercial complex in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.


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