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Black Men are in shortage, because many are invisible to American Black Women.How To Get the man of your has decided to tackle one of the toughest and most controversial subjects of our century, with a solution and explanation through mathematical and economic deductive reasoning. If you talk to 100 black women and get one decent one, and you talk with 100 white women and get twenty decent women, it just makes mathematical and economic sense to date the women with whom you would have spent the most amount of time and had the least financial burden.

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You know falling in love is really a magic itself why because you dont know when this struck you and who you will be attracted because our heart never stop admiring others heart when it beats for the woman or man you like it never stop and it blossom to wonderful relationship... I've always been more interested in dating other races and nationalities (I guess I'm too interested in cultures/languages not to! I think Black men are simply more attractive, more handsome, better attitude, more masculine, more interesting in general. He is mentally independent and owns strong beliefs that govern his life. Dont get me wrong....a sweet little blonde or red headed girl next door tyoe is still interesting but im finding myself soooo attracted to difcerent cuktures and to darker features...brown... My family doesnt care but friends were like stick to your own race, you know his family wont like you. It was different but I had fun, I always had a hard time saying his last name but It made our dating life funny. been in love for long time, so I kind don't know all this staff , so I **** it up ! I would date white girls obviously when I was in high school because, well, there's not a whole lot of racial diversity in Eastern Europe besides "them." I've been with black girls, Indian girls, Filipino girls, Lebanese girls, and... I love and enjoy their individual and beautiful BBCs , that is a given, but I love how they put life's struggles, strife, racism, and discrimination behind them. I am almost repulsed by pale men and I wish I had a deeper explanation as to why. Oh my God, you'll have to sit down with a cup of coffee to hear this, but I won't go there.

I once dated a black man who was mentally abusive, he also tore my insides out! I've dated two Latino men and they thought I was a slave, cook, clean, and preform sexual acts on demand. ) and all my boyfriends has been of a different ethnicity, lol. They are still real men in my feminine female mind. Unintentionally , than when we take it last night she was telling me that she feeling sad specially that all her gf friends they had great time with there Partners , and I can feel and hear that... I mean no disrespect to white women, I've met many beautiful, sexy, intelligent and funny white women but physically I'm more attracted to black, Indian, Middle eastern, Latin and Asian women. They are positive and look to the future and not behind them. I am attracted to black men and Hispanic men mainly. For the past 37 years that I have been on this planet, I have dated both in and out of my race for 23 years. I have befriended every type of black man there is from the elite and well-versed to the poor and uneducated, and all in between. Why the hell do we have female and male different nationalities, ethnicities, backgrounds colors, interests, dislikes, beliefs etc if we're not supposed to mingle and date and make love etc. I am very open minded and enthusiastic about interracial relationships!

Many black women would yell out, that’s because white women are easy!

We respectfully disagree, especially regarding Swedish white women in America; ask Tiger Woods about his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

he’d ask tons of questions about what’s it like back where you’re from.

jaehyun, taeyong, ten, and doyoung are in the middle.

i believe they’re all open minded people, this is just my opinion!

i’m doing all members.johnnymarkyutajaehyuntaeyongdoyoungtentaeilchenlejaeminsichengdonhyuckjenojisungrenjunjohnny, mark, and yuta seem like the most open minded out of the group so they’re at the top of the list.

I found a lot of girls on our message boards talking about interracial relationships and if they’re comfortable dating outside their race.


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