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While working on an Android application that I developed, I felt a strong need to implement validations on the client side i.e.the Android application, although the Server does implement all the validations.SSN, date, currency symbol) while semantic validation should enforce correctness of their values in the specific business context (e.g.

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The and similar methods are less practical when you have to validate the input and give a chance to retry.

Using a scanner for extracting numbers or tokens from a stream of input is great when the data is guaranteed to be in the expected format, and when it's ok to crash on any error.

From a broader view, you’ll write no less than 1700 lines of code just for your validations and all that is repetitive.

The second solution that I came up with was to find out a way to make the fields required by some means, and check at runtime if the required fields have been initialised or not.

I then deep dived into the Reflections and Annotations Frameworks provided in java.

I'm new to Java (actually only on my third day) but enjoy pushing myself when it comes to learning a new bit of code, I did the same when learning MATLAB as part of my Degree.Most software packages rely on external input, either via the keyboard, network, or other external sources.Generally, this input will be of a specific type: for example, a user interface that requests a person’s name expects a series of alphabetic characters.Input validation should be applied on both syntactical and semantic level.Syntactic validation should enforce correct syntax of structured fields (e.g.It is always recommended to prevent attacks as early as possible in the processing of the user’s (attacker's) request.

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