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I have a custom text box component (inherits from system.windows.forms.textbox) that I created in (2005) that handles the input of numeric data. I would like to suppress the validating and validated events from firing if the number hasn't changed. The idea is that I want to cache the value of the text box on the validate event.If a user is tabbing through the form and tabs from the text box, the validating/validated events are fired. Once the value is cached, the next time the user tabs through the box, the validating event will check to see if the _Cache is different from the . If so that is when I would like to raise the validating event to the parent form (as well as the validated event).

In validate event you can control focus easily but not in Lost Focus so easily.

private static readonly Method Info on Validating = typeof(Control).

Unfortunately though, either of these databindings: tb Total Tax Due. Add("Text", I, "Total Tax Due", true, Data Source Update Mode. On Validation, 0, "C"); Behave differently in that when the user enters an empty string, the input will not let the user tab out of the Text Box.

Is there any way to get the databinding to display as a currency, but simply cancel any invalid edits?

The change I’d made just before clicking the button was not put into the business object.

I had, of course, put a Binding Source between the business object and the controls.

though: The Error Provider component does not provide built-in support for accessibility clients.

To make your application accessible when using this component, you must provide an additional, accessible feedback mechanism.

I was thinking that the text box could cache the value and compare it to what is listed in the text property. If the _cache is the same, then I don't want to raise the event to the form.

If they are different, then I would want the validating/validate events to fire. I can't seem to figure out how to suppress the event. Essentially the text box will work the same as a regular text box except that the validating and validated method are only raised to the form when the text has changed.

Event Args) 'check to see if the control has recently gained focus, if it has then allow the first click to highlight all of the text If Not _First Click Completed Then Me.


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