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Google is about to allow its popular Maps app to share the location of users.

As part of a new Google Maps feature update, which is thought to be launching soon, Google is adding a tool that allows users to share their real time location.

The updates in the feed will be immediately processed as Live Transit Updates information.

Google today announced an update coming to the i OS, Android, and desktop versions of Google Maps will introduce a way for users to share their real-time locations with friends and family.

In the driving tab, as long as you have your home and work addresses saved, you can check out real-time transit times to and from those locations.

That way, you’re never wondering if you ought to give yourself an extra 20 minutes in the morning, or leave a little later at night to avoid rush hour.

“When you’re on the go, there’s no time for apps that can’t keep up,” Google concluded.

Live Transit Updates is a service providing real-time transit updates to users of Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile.A small icon above the compass in the app will remind users that their location is being shared for the period of time they requested, but they can also choose to end sharing early.Google today posted a video to detail a real scenario where its location sharing feature could come in handy, focusing on the creation of a surprise birthday party.We created the GTFS-realtime feed format that complements the widely used GTFS format for static transit schedules.Your feed needs to be available on a location where we can fetch it periodically.If you tap on the Places tab within Google Maps, you’ll find a curated list of restaurants and bars that will be conveniently labeled with categories like “best dinners,” “cheap eats,” or “business dining.” If you’re looking for something else, like a grocery store, a gas station, or a bank, just tap on one of the other options Google has already pre-populated.


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