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that she was in a secret four-year relationship with an unnamed boyfriend until spring of 2016.

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We’re sure she learned a lot from that relationship and is ready to take on the next great love that comes her way.

, yet despite rumours the duo are more than “just friends”, he doesn’t have her heart. “I am dating someone,” Betty reveals to TV WEEK in our exclusive interview with the cooking show favourite. We are very much in love.”A chance encounter at Adelaide Airport blossomed into a relationship between the reality TV star and her police officer boyfriend. “With all the pressure of , I kind of wanted to keep it to myself,” Betty explains. He’s a big part of my life now.” With Billy based in Alice Springs for work, there are a lot of long phone calls.

When Bishop confronts Gibbs with her repenting admission that she's dating a colleague, however, the Lead Special Agent just responds with a simple "Took you long enough." Don't you hate when you've been worrying over something, and it turns out it was all for naught?

“It’s a secret, so I don’t want everybody bothering him, you know what I’m saying?

“It feels like I’m in high school and we’re doing this whole dating thing properly,” Betty says.

“It’s really cute.”Because of the distance between them, Billy got to meet Betty’s family much earlier that she ever expected him to.But seriously, kudos to Zendaya for being able to keep a secret like that for so long.The Although we can’t believe she was able to keep a boyfriend hidden for four years, we’re glad that Zendaya experienced her first love out of the public eye.Thankfully for everyone, Qasim is nowhere near as nefarious as his sibling, and he's on the right side of the law.In fact, he appeared a couple of times in tonight's episode before that big reveal, and we watched him working with Bishop on translating transcripts of an interrogation.Eagle-eyed viewers, especially ones who always suspect other people are up to no good, almost certainly got suspicious when Gibbs surprised the couple with dinner and they were a little too quick to show just how not together they were just then in that moment there.

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