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If the schedule is not currently available on the target clients, it can be packaged up and deployed via Composer.

activate (4.81 KB) Download This script will create a Safe Guard user, and will begin the encrypting a specified drive.

Starting with system services, let’s stop only those services that need stopping.

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Systems may be grouped as required and policies that specify the way in which Sophos updates, scans and disinfects systems can be configured and deployed from the central console.

Other features include reporting and synchronisation with Active Directory.

I've been out of the Sophos loop for a while and need some clarification on where the product is heading.

We recently upgraded to Sophos Enterrprise Console 5.3.1 but are still running the old Safeguard Safeguard product ( on a separate Server.

I'm considering using Bitlocker if I need to move to Windows 10 in the interim.

Would appreciate some feedback on how people find that also.

If you want to be able to fully manage and monitor the Sophos installations on all of your managed server and desktop systems, this is the product for you.

Although the console requires a Windows server to run, it will allow you to manage Sophos installations on Windows, OS X and Linux.

We are Windows 7 clients throughout but I want to move to Windows 10 ASAP.


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