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Unfortunately, Dulce María recently lost a very special fan to cancer.

She made a moving tribute on her Twitter account to remember the strength of Mayrita.

no more." The photos proved to be so disturbing that they cause commotion and the singer quickly deleted them from his timeline, not before hashtags like "Christian Chavez Te Amamos" and "Stay Strong Christian" became trending topics.

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"What is disturbing to me is that since the photos were tweeted by Christian, he has continued to tweet," Kruger said in the letter.

"Today, he even uploaded a video saying that the photos were in fact real.

It seems this Twitter feud was short-lived and has reached its end, at least for now.

Since playing Roberta Pardo, Dulce María continued singing and acting.

Christian Chávez shocked his followers on Twitter when he uploaded very graphic and morbid selfies laying on the floor with blood running down his arms.

On one of the images where we can see the former RBD band member with his eyes closed and an alcohol bottle next to his head he wrote, "I just want to say to all you people with a double moral...In the video, Chavez, who is openly gay, tells a priest in a church confessional that he is not sorry for his sexual preferences. In April 2013, his personal life made headlines again after an arrest for alleged domestic violence against his partner, Ben Kruger.Since 2011, the video has garnered over 8 million views. He also made headlines in October 2013 when he faked his suicide on Twitter.She released an album in 2009, and has released several other singles — even one with her former bandmate Christian Chávez.She also appeared in , and is probably best remembered for the salacious video for "Libertad," which features his RBD bandmate Anahí.Nearly all the members of Mexican pop group RBD reunited for a dinner party on Feb. Anahí uploaded photos of night and gave fans something to talk about on Twitter.


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