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Two minutes later, the men file in - a mix of ages and attractiveness.

As they're unable to use their dizzying wit or repartee to distract us, I can't help but make snap judgments based on their appearances - too short, too beardy, too bald - but no doubt they are doing the same about us. I shake my head, but let out a long high note to show him that I sing (a bit).

Dateina Dash currently host more than a dozen events across the capital each month.

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The organiser, Lucy Baker, stands up and explains what the evening entails. Then he looks down at the floor and stays like that for what seems like an eternity.

First, there will be a non-verbal round where we will all sit in front of each other for a minute at a time and are allowed to make noises and gesticulate. Lucy asks us to walk round the room and make eye contact with each other, before shaking everyone's hand - the rule being that you cannot let go of one man's grasp until you have grabbed someone else's. We're told to pair up and perform actions for each other to follow.

We proudly offer guaranteed introductions, not timed based memberships, so you know how many dates you get before signing up.

We also provide a range of additional services that can be added to your package or purchased individually.

Through psychology dating science we offer Londoners unique matchmaking services and dating events.

It’s time your dating life became exciting and effortless Matchmaking is like meeting people through friends, only we have a much wider network.

The seasoned pro This is the guy who has been to loads of these before – the guy who comes looking sharp, scopes the room out and had a hitlist of who he wants to talk to and see. Somehow he finds out about all the marriage events going on – even in those far reach places!

One thing is for sure – the hosts put in alot of effort in organising many of these events and many of the people I have met have had sincere intentions to help the Ummah in the marriage arena. The below are just some of my thoughts and observations from talking to different people who attend such events, and just from observing people as I help out! If you don’t have it all, then don’t expect no nuptials anytime soon.

Dateina Dash was launched in November 2011 by former Police Officer Robert Ryall whom after attending a poorly organised Speed Dating event from a rival Speed Dating company based in Clapham realised there was a demand for a well organised Speed Dating event in London. Equal numbers of men and women so no having to sit it out because there are more women than men. Four minutes per date which is more generous than most and message leaving service.

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London based Speed Dating company offering a wide range of Singles Events for like-minded singles of all ages.

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