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Although we were three thousand miles apart, our courtship continued, over the telephone. After coming up with questions several nights in a row, Steven let me know that it was now my turn to ask him questions.

Somewhat jokingly, we agreed my “turn to ask” would be the next evening’s phone call. Suddenly, I realized I wasn’t sure what I truly needed to know.

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But she aligns with the intentions of Blindfold founder Darren Smith.

“They are good intentions,” Ray said, promoting “open communications and dialogue and exploration.” But be cautious when letting technology become part of a relationship.

We met when I was on vacation on Maui, where he lived. .”) It soon became evident that in order for us to be together, one of us would have to move.

We spent a week enjoying each other’s company and then I returned to California. Neither of us wanted to make that kind of commitment unless we were pretty sure we were making the right choice, so we started asking each other questions.

We’ve all heard the term, “nice guys finish last”, and when it comes to women, and life in general it’s pretty true.

Nevertheless, I try my hardest at all times to be on a journey to...

Ray said the three core topics couples argue about have traditionally been sex, money and in-laws. “Leave them out of the bedroom.” Should you avoid products like Blindfold altogether? “Technology could be the catalyst for something really good,” Ray said. But don’t let your phone be present when Can the use of technology to get “turned on” desensitize us to human stimuli? “You’re not going to be involving all of your senses, you’re going to be taking away what you have to offer by trying to perform.” For example, she said psychological erectile dysfunction is often tied to watching porn. Think about when you fell in love and how that felt for you both.” Advice for a couple about to be intimate with each other for the first time: “Be yourself.

Our communication is built up of three parts: body language, tonality and words.

Putting the list of questions to the test, we took it to the telephone and explored the myriad of topics together, adding to it nightly.

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