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All right, I've gotta warn you fine folks before we get into this.But first, the setup, which involves Android coming to the aid of her "robot friends," including the very attractive Victor and a few of his fellow free android compatriots.

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, Season 3, Episode 10, the following recap contains many many spoilers. This episode was just full of emotional turmoil and big character moments for Two and Android (and even Three! recaps -- or half the other stuff I write -- you know what I really want to talk about is everything involving Two and Dr. But we will hold off on that for a bit so we can talk about everything else, 'cause this episode marks a lot of changes for a number of characters.

I'm about to dump some serious feels all over the place.

“They should never have given us uniforms if they didn’t want us to be an army,” she thinks, striding down snowy Boston streets with her fellow red-dressed soldiers.

Gilead's leaders, though, won't go down without a fight—an ugly one. Waterford has found out about June’s illicit brothel trips with her husband, betraying the strict roles of the republic. Rita hugs her and prepares her a special breakfast.

Olivia resists, then makes her decision while reflecting on her role in the rigged election that put Fitz in the most powerful office in the world.

So from the outset, the audience knows nothing they’re about to see is real.Todd Van Der Werff: It's the wedding of the [20th] century!After nearly two decades together, Philip and Elizabeth Jennings have finally, officially tied the knot, at least in the eyes of the Russian Orthodox Church, which apparently still officiates Soviet weddings.After June hides the mystery package behind a bathtub at her Commander's home, his wife Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) hits her across the face, knocking June to the floor. After bloodying her face, Serena Joy hands her a pregnancy test: She needs to know that the nights with the Commander, the affair between June and Nick she helped orchestrate, have at least resulted in a baby. When June tells Nick (Max Minghella), the presumed father, we see a rare moment of intimacy, as he touches her stomach, holds her hand, and leans into her shoulder. Serena Joy senses their private hope, and has a plan to squash it.For Serena Joy—and the regime—that’s the whole point of June’s existence. Rape and misogyny didn’t prompt him to fight against the regime, but personal stakes—the possibility of his own child—do. She escorts June into a car, locks the doors behind her, and takes her to a nearby house.The missing pieces of her time as Rebecca are filled in, as we discover she didn't escape from Dwarf Star on her own. Irena Shaw, a woman who looks exactly like Android and who apparently was instrumental in Rebecca's creation.

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