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The City received generally mixed reviews from critics, and proved less successful than The Hills.

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, the new autobiography by Jewish fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, is a frustrating read.

It skips back and forth confusingly in time, its accounting of partygoers and acquaintances and celebrity facialists gets wearying, and it feels emotionally withholding—elusive, oddly perky, skimming lightly over conflict and sorrow. So here, extracted, filtered, and condensed for your reading pleasure, are the book’s most interesting moments.

IF THERE’S ONE THING THAT defines Alexandra von Furstenberg, it is design.

The former daughter-in-law of fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg worked as DVF’s Creative Director and Director of Image for ten years before branching out on her own.

Von Furstenberg found it in a cache of family photos after her mother’s death.

It read: Dear Mommy and Daddy, I am writing to tell you that your little Lily is leaving.She was living in a safe house, riding around Brussels on her bike delivering documents and fake papers.On her way from Flanders prison to Auschwitz, she addressed a note to her own parents on a scrap of paper and tossed it from the truck.I get the children up for school and have granola with berries and vanilla yogurt as well as some coffee. AM We are out the door!I drop my kids off and head over to a hot yoga class before racing home to shower and change.1: Von Furstenberg’s mother, Lily Nahmias, survived 13 months in the Auschwitz and Ravensbruck concentration camps.


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