Stop intimidating

We’re often judged on the outside and not who we are on the inside. In the Spirit of Christmas, one family pulled together to reunite a father and daughter who haven’t had the chance to celebrate a Christmas together for the last 25 years.But who cares how good one looks when appearances fade with time? The look on this fathers face when he get’s the surprise of a lifetime and opens a present to see …With social media today, it’s become way easier for bullies to send personal attacks to anybody and everybody.

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Who cares about wealth and status when happiness cannot be bought? Whether it be on an outfit someone is wearing or how the person looks, people always have something to say.

What is definitively important is HOW that person acts and who they are as a person. People use Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter to post pictures of themselves …Do you get enough water on a daily basis?

Russian President Vladimir Putin scolded the United States Monday in the wake of Saturday’s North Korean ballistic missile test and warned against “intimidating” North Korea.

North Korea launched a missile that flew 489 miles, reaching an altitude of 1,312 miles before splashing down in the Sea of Japan.

The unit is an invaluable tool in crowd control and public relations as well as the enforcement of city ordinances and state law.

All supervisors, police officers, and horses work together to provide the community effective, quality service.

For some, the hardest part of working out isn't the cardio, leg presses or even indoor cycling classes -- it's walking into the gym. Keep reading for some surefire suggestions from five fitness experts on how to better understand and use the gym and make it an enjoyable part of your fitness program. The cardio machines may feel too close together and, of course, the aggressive salespeople can send anyone packing.

You might think most gyms are filled with incredible hulks and smiling supermodels, surrounded by mysterious, sinister-looking weights and machines. Cindy Whitmarsh, San Diego-based fitness and nutrition expert Finding the right health club could mean the difference between lasting happiness or a quickie split that costs you money.

"At that point, you can start to look for a gym with the particular activities [you want]," Florez says.

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