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Yet even as she went through the paces of partnering with him, Leonor found herself wanting to rewrite the script—and Dan’s betrayal became her chance to try again.

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I get some common questions asked of me all the time: (a) Can I get a tourist visa for her? And the reality is that your letters promising to take care of her will not prevent her from doing a runner if she so chooses.

Unless she’s rich, has a great job and owns significant property, they often view it that she has more reasons to overstay in Australia illegally than she does in returning.

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However if you are in a stable relationship and can prove this, then in the hands of visa specialists like Down Under Visa, the outcome is normally much better than this. And if you’re not quite at the commitment stage and feel you need some more time together, then again we can most likely help you.

Just be aware that if you are more ready than you think you are, and you have to put her back on a plane at the end of 3 wonderful months together, you’re going to kick yourselves for not applying for a partner visa instead!

(And no, she really DOESN’T need to come to Australia to “see if she likes it”.

If she truly loves you, she will be happy wherever you are.) That’s the bad side of it! if you are not divorce yet or if she is still legally married, then sure why not?

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