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When I used to go to my mothers village in Roumlouki, I remember how my Grekos granddad, barba-Dziordzi, would ask me: What are you, lad, a Romios or a Vlahos?

And in Veria, my Vlach granddad, lala-Steryios, would ask me in Vlach: Tse are used in Aromanian.

Além de cavalgadas realizadas com um guia de campo e peão em uma autêntica comitiva pantaneira – uma experiência e tanto.

My aim in this paper is to comment on certain texts written in Greek around the years 18 on the subject of the populations and languages that make up the cultural mosaic of the south Balkan peninsula.

Examples would be, lines, actions, classic and modern makers actions and the like.

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The frame is fastened together with wire pins, like a few of the very earliest Kentucky reels.

A primitive ball-handle reel probably made in the 1830s.

We may be Vlachs, they may be Greki, but all together we make up the Greeks [Ellines].

Following Barba-Kostas logic, we can say that Christian Hellenes (in other words the Christian citizens of the state called Hellas) consist of speakers of Greek, Aromanian, Albanian and Slavonic, to whom we need to add the speakers of Turkish who originated in Asia Minor.

An early model of Peter Malloch's spinning reel, which he patented in 1884.

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