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Auf der ROXY-Bühne kann man mit Miriam Coretta Schultes A NIGHT CALLED LAYLA Arabisch lernen oder sich mit Germo/Jansen/Knüsel auf eine Expedition in den WALD begeben.

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The prostitution scene changed a lot with the gradual coming into force of the Free Movement of Persons Agreement, from 2002 on.

This agreement allows firms and independant workers from the European Union to work in Switzerland 90 days a year.

Zurich (German: Zürich, Swiss German: Züri) is the largest city in Switzerland, with a population of some 400,000 in the city proper and 1.2 million in the agglomeration area.

Zurich is on Lake Zurich, where the lake meets the Limmat River, in the north of Switzerland.

Das frisch gegründete Kollektiv KANSAS hat sich interdisziplinären Kulturprojekten an der Grenze von Dokumentarischem und Fiktionalem verschrieben.

Die Gruppe verbindet Theater, Neue Medien, Videokunst, Hörspiel und Vermittlung zu hybriden Formaten, die immersive Erlebnisse fürs Publikum schaffen.My turn finally came and I entered the booth and I peeked through the hole, to see a very hot 20 something sucking the cock the man in the other booth. Her boyfriend who was in the booth with her was encouraging her, telling her what a good cocksucker she was and how naughty she was to be sucking strangers cocks.The girl was hot although I can only see her from the back or the side.It cannot be assumed that homoerotic art was uncommon as the modern record may be biased due to selective destruction or non-publication of pederastic works in later times.Roman artwork on pottery, glass and wall-paintings with sexual acts represented were popular and were intended to be seen by all sections of society.As a result, a lot of European prostitutes started to come and work in Switzerland for short periods.


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