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November puts us smack in the middle of the fall contra dance season, as good a time as any to familiarize yourself with this timeless and invigorating communal activity.Contra dances are so called not, as I once thought, because of some complicated syncopation that underlies the dance steps, but because of the two opposite, contra, lines of dancers who face each other and offer both boundaries and encouragement to couples as they dance “down the hall.” Contra dancing is nothing like country line dancing or square dancing.

A candidate can see two or more interviewers in a single appointment, vs.

returning to a business multiple times for the same process just with a different person.

Even as an innocent teenager at Lincoln High School bound for the national stage, Martin's generosity and character followed him at every step, Ellis said. Lewis rendered a culture of team play over individualism, Ellis said, on a group with strong personalities and more than one future professional — Ellis and Martin.

It's a staple that's become embodied in Martin's own coaching philosophy."I told (the current Missouri basketball players), 'Whether you like it or not, you are a part of this community, and we have to make it work together,'" Martin said.

Please bring multiple copies of any completed or partially completed work you have.

This is essential if you are meeting one-on-one with a mentor or would like to have your work reviewed throughout the day.

At my first dance, as potential partners serially slid by, I remember thinking that this is how normal people used to meet other normal people in the eons before telephones, Tinder or speed dating.

Outside of the caller’s dance instructions, there are few rules.

Missouri has dipped to the cellar of the Southeastern Conference with three consecutive seasons of 21 or more losses."Just to have the opportunity, there have been a lot of good coaches to come through here, but just to have the opportunity to coach on the floor that Norm Stewart coached on," Martin said.

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