The truth about radiometric dating

I could write a rather lengthy article in response, but I will try to keep things brief. Hebert’s closing declaration: This is a true statement.

If the observed rate is correct, then the shadow on our sundial should move from 1 PM to 2 PM in the same amount of time it takes for the hourglass to empty.

As I type on my laptop calibrated to satellite-based clocks, I use these ‘primitive’ examples because of their inherent uncertainties and relevance to radiometric dating.

While many probably have not thought about it before, carbon-14 dating relates to Christianity and Judaism in interesting ways.

Since there are many misconceptions about carbon-14 dating, this paper will explain the principle, the method, some early problems with it, and its current trustworthiness.

In order to link the evidence to the accused, the scientists make assumptions, and then they build their interpretations on those assumptions.

You can find many other articles on our website that discuss these issues.

Regardless, even Snelling recognizes that multiple independent methods consistently tell us the Earth is billions—The grains of sand have to pass one after another, therefore time exists.

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When a plant or animal dies, it stops taking in carbon.

Since the carbon-14 decays, comparing the current ratio to the predicted C ratio vs. To sum up these assumptions, if you know the initial conditions, the final conditions, and everything in between, you will get the right answer.

Just like calibrating an hourglass, where sand falls at a constant rate, experimental observers might begin by trying to count directly how much sand falls each second (i.e. If 1 gram of sand falls per second, and the hourglass contains 3.6 kg of sand, then it should take exactly 1 hour (3,600 seconds) for all the sand to drain from top to bottom.


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