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In the summer of 2006, Pierzina was chosen by the viewers to participate in Big Brother 7: All-Stars and entered the house on July 3, 2006.

In 2000 Pierzina was convicted of a misdemeanor DWI infraction in Minnesota, for which she was fined and sent to an alcohol-awareness program.

James Rhine won the "High and Dry" Veto competition and was awarded with the POV. Kaysar later nominated James Rhine and Maggie Ausburn for eviction.

Pierzina came in third, being evicted on September 16, 2005, Day 76.

Big Brother Canada fan Jenna kind of puts it into perspective: Are you happy that Jon Pardy and Neda Kalantar are dating - or did you like Jon and Janelle together? They waited until they got out of the house, which was a classy thing to do.

In total, 14 House Guest appeared on the sixth edition of the CBS reality series Big Brother.

If one of the secret pairs made it to the final two together, the winner would receive $1,000,000 and the runner-up would receive $250,000.

Ivette and Beau were the last remaining pair in the house, with Beau's eviction in Week 9 marking the end of the partner twist.

I don't think they're together, because Janelle's My Space page (below) says she single.

Big Brother fans pretty much figured it out before ET Canada announced that the couple were dating.

This season is most notable for the controversial conflicts between the two power alliances: the "Friendship" and the "Sovereign 6." All 14 houseguests entered the house with their secret partner.

The members of the winning team from the food competition competed in an endurance competition against each other, which Rachel Plencner won.

The seven members of the team that won the food competition promised to stick together for a few weeks, while Eric Littmann attempted to form a guys alliance with himself, Kaysar Ridha, Michael Donnellan and James Rhine.

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