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“Bad marketing.” We all nodded and Steve said he had to stay focused and pay attention to everything, marketing of course, and all the other details beyond the engineering, even the typography.If you got it right, a personal computer could be not only the best tool ever but fun, “like a bicycle for your mind”—he had come up with this after reading a Scientific American article on locomotion efficiency and was beginning to use it with reporters.

Many European countries have seen quite dramatic cuts in public spending in response to the global financial crisis.

New York’s program for ensuring health insurance to its most vulnerable population, children, is not required to provide access when those children, and their parents, need it most.

Display screen printed patches are typically not so sturdy, eventually deteriorating over time, but they're very cheap in the event you order a bunch from a superb common screen gi patch printers.

I want to make some custom patches with my grappling club's (@ school) emblem on it to patch on my gis.

So Cook’s stance was arguably not tone-deaf from an American perspective, but I think it is from a European one.

While there are of course Europeans who would argue that companies are right to take every legal measure they can to minimize the amount of tax they pay, the prevailing public mood regarding corporate tax-avoidance is rather different in Europe.

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Personally I do not assume it is a good idea to patch your gi up with other brands that aren't sponsoring you/aren't initially the company of the gi itself.

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