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Okay there is some nice music to listen too, but, for the rest, it isn't that good to look at, and it tries to be clever with plot distractions that fail miserably.

Jean-François Zygel, man of many talents, returns to the Philharmonie Luxembourg for a second year’s residency.

He has done it all: accompanied dancers, improvised for silent films, created an improvisation class at the Conservatoire de Paris to satisfy his passion for teaching, tackled a variety of musical genres, played soundtracks for videos, played concerts for little children as well as in museums, and was awarded the Victoire de la Musique Classique in 2006.

A regular participant at the open chamber music at IMS Prussia Cove, Alasdair took part in their tours of 20, and collected the 2008 RPS Award for Chamber Music on their behalf.

He has enjoyed working closely with composers George Benjamin, Harrison Birtwistle, Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Heinz Holliger and Helena Winkelman.

A former student of John Blakely and Menahem Pressler, Alasdair is increasingly drawn to education, teaching annually on the Musicworks summer courses, and giving regular coaching or masterclasses at London’s Guildhall and the Royal Welsh schools of music, and at Birmingham Conservatoire.

Alasdair is founder and artistic director of the French chamber music festival Musique à Marsac.

One of Bob Eubanks’ favorite questions to ask contestants was the strangest or most off-beat places the couples ever wanted to “make whoopee.” That questions resulted in a couple of notorious TV moments, including the above 1977 clip in which a woman, Olga, tells Eubanks that the strangest place she ever wanted to have sex wasn’t in a car or outside, but “in the [expletive].” As Eubanks said of the clip later, it never actually made it to air, but still became one of the most infamous clips in game-show history. Some of you have even followed through with subscriptions, which is especially gratifying.

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If you like funky piano music then the opening credits are worth the admission fee, but from thereon this film heads downhill fast.

The film is murdered by its many clumsy plot movements, until you are left hoping there is a punchline to make it all worthwhile. Indeed the end is the clumsiest part of the film, and it is not as if the actors make anymore sense of anything than we do.

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