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The blood sample can be given any time after 10 weeks of pregnancy.

If you miss this scan you can now have a more accurate screening for Down Syndrome with the Non-invasive Prenatal Test.

Due to the complexity of the nuchal screening, we don’t offer gender identification during this appointment, but you can book a gender identification scan for later in your pregnancy.

The vast majority of babies are born normal, however all women have a small risk of delivering a baby with a physical disability, and this possibility increases as you get older.

The use of endovaginal ultrasound has greatly enhanced our ability to detect pregnancy early.

The nuchal translucency scan (also called the NT scan) uses ultrasound to assess your developing baby's risk of having Down syndrome (DS) and some other chromosomal abnormalities, as well as major congenital heart problems.

It is also the first opportunity to reliably examine your baby’s anatomy as it is fully developed at around 12 weeks.

A nuchal scan will: The nuchal scan can only be performed from 11 weeks and 2 days of pregnancy to 14 weeks and 1 day – with the most accurate time being around 12 weeks.

In this busy world it can be difficult to fit scan appointments into your schedule so we offer a variety of days and times for the appointment, always seeking to help you and your doctor get the diagnosis of your condition as quickly and professionally as we can.

This site has been created to provide you with an overview of the private ultrasound services we provide and how we can help you.

A Private Ultrasound scan is a non-invasive and safe form of medical imaging which most people associate with the scanning of pregnant women but is widely used to assess most of the major organs in the body and to diagnose many medical conditions.

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